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• Does all of the conflicting diet and exercise information leave you wondering where to start?
• Have you tried dieting and other fad diets only to see short term results and ultimately end up back where you started?
• Are you unsure how much or what type of exercise will give you real and sustainable results?
• Do you feel like it’s cost prohibitive to hire a nutritionist and/or a personal trainer?
• Does exercise just seem boring or burdensome?
The NORWICH FAMILY YMCA’s “From Fat to Fit Forever” program is your answer! 
Although this program is not a quick fix to lose 50 pounds in 10 weeks, it guarantees that participants will dramatically improve their diet to achieve sustainable and long term results. The program offers many new and varied ways to enjoy workouts, and / or traditional resistance and cardio training to ensure you’ll achieve a MUCH higher level of fitness and an improved body composition. 
The program utilizes easy to understand nutrition tracking and exercise “score sheets”, which are reviewed weekly by a nutrition and fitness health professional or “coach”.  
This incredibly affordable program also gives you full access to a veteran personal trainer who helps guide you all the way to your health and fitness goals. Body compositions measurements (which include your weight, inches, skeletal muscle, body fat, visceral fat and BMI) are offered at the beginning, middle and end of the program to reveal your progress, in many ways, beyond just the number on the scale!
The program officially begins on October 4th, but potential participants are encouraged to visit Shannon Gawronski, Health and Fitness Director at the Y, at their earliest convenience for more information and to get an early start! 
The program only costs $50 for YMCA members and community members cost is $50, plus the cost of 3 month membership. 
There are YMCA “scholarships” available if the cost is prohibitive. Please contact Shannon Gawronski at 336-9622 extension 1024 or email [email protected] for more information.

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