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Dear YMCA Members and Community Supporters,

We first arrived in Norwich in 1981.  We had our 4 young sons in tow (ages 4 through 8).  They discovered the “Y” before the U-Haul was unpacked! Here was a place where you could go for a swim with your buddies in February! We started our family membership. Bonnie took a fitness class and I coached kid’s floor hockey and indoor and outdoor soccer.  

It was such a happy place.  

In 1983 I remember having to tell our boys that we couldn’t afford to send them to “Y” camp that summer.  They were disappointed, but understood. Then, out of the blue, the YMCA Director took me aside and said he had a limited number of camperships available.  If we could afford to send 1 child, the “Y” would cover the other 3. The kids were ecstatic and still recall their experiences of almost 40 years ago.

In 1988 I was transferred out of the area.  Like the song says “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”.

We missed our “Y”.

Fortunately, seven years later we were transferred back to Norwich.  The first thing we did was to resume our Family Membership.  We also took the opportunity to “pay forward” the kid’s camperships by donating to the annual Open Doors fund drive.

Bonnie and I are happy to serve as co-chairs of the 2021-2022 fund drive.  It should be no secret that the havoc caused by the Covid Pandemic has not only affected our communities, but also the “Lighthouse” organizations that help make a community. As things begin to approach normality it is critically important that we support our community by pitching in to help the Y through the Open Doors annual campaign. We ask you to join us in helping to support one of Chenango County’s true light house organizations …The Norwich Family YMCA.

Bonnie and Jim Currie


$5,000 and higher - The Heritage level honors those who came before us and made the Norwich YMCA what it is today...Harriet Gibson, John B. Turner, Stan Georgia, Dave Sherman, Mary and William Peckham, Otis Thompson, Bob Van Tine and Warren Eaton to name a few.

$1,000 to $4,999 - The chairman’s roundtable. This level of giving recognizes the countless volunteer hours that our policy and program volunteers have donated in our 143-year history.

$250 to $499 - This level of giving highlights the second of the four YMCA character education values. Honesty. True Blue. “To tell the truth.”

$100 to $249 - This level of giving focuses on the third of the four YMCA character education values. Caring. Listen to your heart. Compassion. To care for others.

$500 to $999 - This gift level highlights the first of four character education values recognized by the YMCA. Respect. “The Golden Rule.” Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.
$1 to $99 - This basic giving level highlights the fourth character education value recognized by the YMCA. Responsibility. To do the right thing. To help others.

Your gift to the YMCA Annual Support Campaign will be used to offset the cost of memberships and programs for families and individuals in need.  In addition to providing support for those in need, excess funds may be used for operations to help us keep the cost of our programs and services for all members affordable.

All donations to the Norwich Family YMCA are tax deductible. 
                         2. VENMO @NorwichYMCA
                         3. Donate in person at the YMCA

Ways to Give

All donations to the Norwich Family YMCA are tax deductible. 


2. VENMO @NorwichYMCA      

3. In person at the Norwich Family YMCA. Checks payable to the Norwich Family YMCA. 


Jamey Mullen
Executive Director/CEO
607-336-9622 ext. 1037