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Fit for Fall

Healthy EATING + Exercise= Getting fit!
Let US help YOU!
  • Register today at the Front Desk!
  •  Challenge begins September 25th and ends on December 3rd.
  •  Fee is $50 for Members and $50 for Non-Members (plus the cost of a 3 month membership).
  •  Sign up for your pre-challenge body comp before September 25th!
Join the YMCA FIT for FALL Program
  • The Fit for Fall Program / Challenge is a ten week fitness and nutrition “challenge.”
  • Participants begin the challenge with a complete body composition measuring weight, body fat, skeletal muscle, BMI and inches. Another body comp is offered five weeks into the program, and again at the end, so participants can see their progress and results. 
  • The program or challenge works by everyone recording their exercise and tracking their diet, and putting it on (easy to understand) weekly “score sheets”.
  • All exercise has a point value attached to it. Participants try to accumulate as many exercise / activity points as they can each week. (Cross training is encouraged). 
  • The nutritional point system encourages healthy eating and discourages poor dietary choices.
  • Participants try to increase their scores every week, which simply indicates their progress towards more exercise and healthier nutritional choices!
  • Participants turn in their score sheets every week, and the scores are recorded.
  • Through a weekly group email, individual feedback and consistent encouragement is offered to help every participant do even better each successive week.
  • Shannon, the Health and Fitness Director, and her assistant, Pat D., will be available to participants whenever they need more fitness training or more nutritional advice.
  • There aren’t any mandatory meetings which makes it very convenient for participants to do this program at their own pace and on their own time.
*** These type of programs or “challenges” have been extremely successful because they encourage more exercise, and often with new and varied ways to enjoy workouts. Certainly, participants see real results when they begin consistently tracking the details of their diet for accountability. The nutrition tracking is the single most “eye-opening” and educational piece of the program. Once participants understand better ways to change and fuel their bodies, the results are real and lasting. Join the Fit for Fall Challenge today!


Shannon Gawronski
Fitness Director
607.336.9622 ext. 1024