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Reopening Information

Visit our new reservation system to reserve the pool, basketball 1/2 court, racquetball court or a group exercise class. Read the online terms & conditions.

Building requirements:
1. Approved masks to be worn at all times except for swimming
2. Member must be able to answer the health screening questions to enter the building.
3. A new facility waiver is required to be signed to enter the building.
4. Members will need to be checked in at the desk and manually entered into the computer for attendance.
5. Social distancing is required throughout the building.
6. Water fountains are closed for drinking but you may fill your water bottle up from the bottle filler.
7. Boys, and Girls showers can only accommodate one person at a time.
8. Cleaning supplies are available for members to use while in the YMCA facility.

Setmore Reservations

Before making a reservation

Reservations can be made for
  • Lane in the swimming pool
  • Racquetball Court
  • Group Exercise Class
  • 1/2 Court Basketball Basket for Court 1 or Court 2