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Pool Reopening Guidelines

  • Members only at this time, check in at the front desk.
  • Each member must read & sign the YMCA COVID waiver.
  • Read & Sign our Online Reservation Terms & Conditions when signing up for a lane at
  • 1 hour per day per person or family.
  • 1 person at a time may use the boys’, girls’ or men's shower
  • If utilizing the shower be sure to spray it down after use
  • Appropriate masks must be worn in the YMCA, except when swimming
  • Minimum age for children to be in the facility without a parent is 7th grade. *must be actively engaged in activity and can not “hang out” at the YMCA.
  • No day passes will be sold at this time but new memberships can be started
  • Water Fountains are closed for drinking however you may fill your water bottles from the bottle filler
  • Cleaning supplies are available for members to use while in the YMCA facility
  • Sauna & Whirlpool are NOT allowed to be open at this time
  • Social Distancing is required throughout the building
  • You may bring in and/or use our equipment, please put YMCA equipment in designated area for proper cleaning when finished
  • You may utilize the pool lanes for lap swimming, individual water exercise or families (up to 10 people) may swim together in the same lane.  (Families are defined as being on the same membership for verification)


Bridget Dexter
Associate Executive Director
607-336-9622 ext. 1020