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Water Fitness

Water Fitness

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The water offers resistance and buoyancy that cannot be experienced when doing regular land based exercises. The benefits of water fitness include lower blood pressure, increased bone density, stronger muscles, corrected body posture, pain relief, and weight loss.  The calming effect of water on our bodies extends to our minds as well.  Our water fitness classes are:
  • Morning Water Fitness
  • Evening Water Fitness
  • Water Arthritis
  • Deep Water Workout
  • Praise in the Pool

Morning Water Fitness - Is a moderate to high level cardiovascular workout.  This low impact workout is designed to work every muscle group.  The water's buoyancy decreases the stress on hips, knees, ankles and feet.  Great workout for any age.

Evening Water Fitness - Slice it and dice it for maximal cardio intensity.  This fast paced shallow water class combines a variety of fitness moves and equipment to work all the muscle groups to provide strengthening and toning.  A great class to burn those calories!

Water Arthritis - Classes follow the guidelines for the Arthritis Foundation, providing exercises for mobility, flexibility and stretching.  These classes are designed for those with arthritis, MS and other related conditions.  Classes cover movements to strengthen posture, balance, core strengthening, range of motion, and flexibility.

Deep Water Workout - Is an advanced class that focuses on posture, coordination and range of motion while strengthening the core.  Swimming skills are not required, although comfort in the deep water is a must.

Praise in the Pool - Is water aerobic exercising to Christian music that utilizes all muscles in your body.  The exercises can be easily modified by participants who may be physically challenged from injuries or surgeries. Great way to get back into exercising before going to the regular fitness classes.

Aquatic HIIT - Is a higher intensity water fitness course. Utilizing both the deep and shallow ends of the pool along with our water fitness equipment, feel the burn with fast paced and challenging workouts.


Tucker Norton
Aquatics Director
607.336.9622 ext. 1025